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Focus more on the content of your eLearning platform or course, rather than the technical side.

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EdBuild saves you

of capital
hours of work

No more hiring developers

Now you can do everything by yourself and way faster, without huge technical knowledge and a developer team.

The cost of development of an eLearning platform can vary between $20,000 and $1,000,000 depending on its size and complexity. Apart from that, the development will take at least 200 hours.

With EdBuild, you can bypass all the struggle.

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We are the #1 solution, here is why

These competitive advantages contrast us from the rest of the market:


There is no need to hire a

developer team for your project.

Save capital and time for content!


Hiring someone takes time.

The development process also

takes even more, but not EdBuild.


No need to connect any external

service like mailchimp, Edbuild got you.

Edit the template, set a schedule and send.


Edit your platform how you want

You can even embed the course

or platform to your own site!


There is a dashboard for teachers

and students. Discover and analyse,

dig deeper into the analytics.


Search Engine Optimization is

often a problem for eLearning platforms,

but not for EdBuild.

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How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EdBuild have a CRM?

Yes. EdBuild has a CRM with all the functions that you will need for your course or online school.

How to embed my course or eLearning platform into my website?

You can embed your course or online school to your website via a plugin, if you are using WordPress, Jira, Tilda or Webflow.

If you don't have any of those, use the code snippet or please contact us with the software you are using and we will develop a plugin for it in a day.

Can I manage and sort my database of teachers and students?

Yes. You can easily manage and sort your teachers and students.

There are two separate databases with teachers and students, you can set tags, set comments and manage their tasks, subscription and activity via the analytics.

Do I get the same functionality of newsletter as MailChimp?

Yes. You get very similar functionality to MailChimp.

You are able to edit the newsletter template, track the clicks, conversion, geolocation. Apart from that, you also get a funnel graphic.

Can I create tests and assignments that I, as a teacher can correct?

Absolutely. You can create any type of assignment, text, video, audio, tests and even a comment section, either private or public.